March 2008      Volume VIII  Number  3   
Product and System News
• iSpQ Grows to 196 Countries and Territories
Around the Community
• Your iSpQ Leprechaun Winner
• Best Landscape Picture Contest 

TIP: Importing Profile Pictures
iSpQ Grows to 196 Countries and Territories

The iSpQ Video chat community has always been a great place to meet people from around the world. Last month the community continued to grow its global footprint by expanding from 182 to 196 countries & territories. New countries include Guam, British Virgin Islands, Samoa, Congo, San Marino and Dominica. We welcome all of our new friends from around the world who have found a new way to meet people with their webcam.

Some Geography: There are 192 independent countries recognized by the United Nations and the US recognizes 194 nations. Taiwan is not considered independent because of political reasons even though it is considered by most to be an independent nation. Given this, there are 195 countries in the world and dozens of territories. So iSpQ still has some growing to do but truly reaches the majority of the places on earth.

Your iSpQ 2008 Leprechaun
The best iSpQ Leprechaun is Sevilin N Karrisa from the United States. They have been a member of the iSpQ community since 2002 and are active members in the Couples room. The award for winning the contest was 5 iSpQ registration keys and bragging rights. There were thousands of votes for the six finalists.
Best Landscape Contest Next 
Our next contest will be Best Landscape with nominations starting on April 7th and Voting going from April 14-21st. Submit your best pictures of a landscape near you: mountains, garden, ocean, etc. Use the Photo Album feature to import your picture. See TIP: Importing Profile Photos. Best Landscape will receive 5 iSpQ registration keys and second place will receive one complimentary iSpQ 8 license. 
TIP:  Test Your Audio and Video

iSpQ includes a photo album feature which allows you to store up to 6 profile pictures. You can easily switch between the photos and also import pictures in JPEG format from your Desktop to your profile. To access the photo Album, open your Profile in iSpQ and click “Open Photo Album”.

The Photo Album shows your active profile photo and 5 saved pictures. You can also upload a picture from your computer. All photos must meet our online policies and are approved by our staff prior to being available to the community. Pictures are typically approved within a few hours of submission. Once a picture is approved you can set it to your active picture at any time.

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